The Witcher 3 Gwent Cards Checklist

Interactive dashboard that allows you to browse through the list of all Gwent cards available in the game with card details and locations. Use the dynamic filters to select the card(s) you want to see. Use the Checkboxes to tick off the Cards that you have already collected. Note: The filters will reset on page refresh but the checkbox options will persist.

*UPDATE* We've made some small improvements and moved the checklist off Beta and on to the main page, including performance improvements for mobile devices. This checklist page will remain as people have bookmarked it. Your saved checkbox settings will work on both main page and this one.



Patch Notes from 1.08 and earlier has been moved to the Archived Notes page (this information has not been relevant for many years now).
Excel Sheet download, a link to Card Deck printable sheet and link to Armor/Weapons Dashboard can also be found there.

Note on cards that were missing in original game (Patch v1.08 and earlier): These are in fact available but have not been added to checklist. This is because they are not required for Achievement/Trophy. This list has been working for >5years and may have helped hundrends of thousands of achievement hunters, for now I've decided to leave the list as is, but may add them in for completeness in the future. These include but may not be limited to:
Albrich (2 of 2), Clear Weather (3 of 3), Torrential Rain (3 of 3), Ballista (2 of 2)
Special thanks to all who have e-mailed in with kind words and to provide feedback on the availability of these cards. is brought to you by lovemystats websites.

All data is provided on a best effort basis, we take no responsibility for any errors or omissions.