The Witcher 3 Gwent Cards Checklist

Interactive dashboard that allows you to browse through the list of all Gwent cards available in the game with card details and locations. Use the dynamic filters to select the card(s) you want to see. Use the Checkboxes to tick off the Cards that you have already collected. Note: The filters will reset on page refresh but the checkbox options will persist.

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Instructions: Use the Check boxes to mark off the cards you have collected then click the refresh button or refresh the page to update the dashboard. You can click on the green "checklist option" filter in the dashboard to swap between showing unchecked boxes, checked boxes or all. The default settings on first usage is to check the cards provided at the start of the game as these don't need to be found.

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Notes on Finding Cards

  • Some merchants only appear during the day, if you can't find them try meditating until 12 noon
  • Many sites mention Midcopse as the incorrect location for 5 cards, they are in fact in Lindenvale instead (see list for card details)
  • If you missed the White Orchard Inn Keeper cards from the Prologue you can buy it from a merchant outside in White Orchard (updated in Patch 1.04). The Inn Keeper at White Orchard does not play Gwent as some guides suggests
  • The Crow's Perch Quartermaster is found directly across from the Blacksmith at Crow's Perch
  • Claywitch Merchant needs to be rescued from the bandid camp first (Claywitch lies just south of Crow's Perch). Quick guide:
    • Location of camp is NE of Claywitch, SE of Crow's Perch and SE of Boatmakers' Hut. Its an island with a single bridge, right in the middle of the island there is a bandit camp, it will have a ? if you haven't been there yet
    • People have complained about glitches to do with the key and merchant returning. I recommend Saving your game before killing bandits
    • Walk in and kill the bandits including the leader, the leader will have a key in his loot (in my game there was two keys)
    • Use the key on the cage to free the Merchant who says he will head back to Claywitch
    • Save your game in a different save slot. Now meditate for at least 24hours, and if required a few more hours so it's day time
    • Travel to Claywitch and the Merchant will be in town (I found him in the Northern most house on a porch). There is also a travelling Merchant nearby but its not him
    • Talk to the Merchant to buy the cards and then play him to win a random card
    • Alternative: If its day time and you can't find the Merchant, load your save game and walk him all the way back (It's a long way so try the above first)
  • I don't have a location for Second Albrich card - the guides are incorrect (Confirmed that this card and 3 others don't exist, see below)
  • I started a new game to verify the starting deck and updated the default checklist accordingly. I'm not sure if this varies between platform or patch version but the other guides are full of mistakes so here is my experience:
    • You start the game with 32 cards when you play the scholar. 6 Weather Cards, 4 Leader Cards and 22 Northern Realm Cards
    • You can buy 5 cards from the Inkeeperess and you win Zoltan card playing the scholar. Total 38 cards in White Orchard right at the start
    • The following has been removed from starting cards and added to Random: Ballista (2 of 2), Clear Weather (2 of 3) and Siege Tower
    • The following has been added to starting cards and removed from Quartermaster Crow's Perch: Blue Stripes Commando (2 of 3) & (3 of 3)
    • The following has been added to starting cards and removed from Midcopse Trader: Poor Fucking Infantry (2 of 3)
    • Take Note when counting cards in the deck: Some cards have the same name but different pictures (e.g. Trebuchet) while others have the same picture and stack up (e.g. Blue Stripes Commando) note the x2 or x3 on the card
  • The guides mentions 3 "Poor Fucking Infantry" but people have found 4, not sure if it's a bug or needs to replace another card
  • High Stakes Quest: You will need a decent deck, the quest will give you a rating of 5 and you need at least 4/5 and 1,000 crowns to join. Save your game just before since if you lose you won't win your opponent's card so you have to win every round if you want to collect all cards
  • (Correction) Commander's Horn (2 of 3) is in Passiflora, but if you already have all 3 like I did at the time it will not turn up. If you don't see it for sale check if you already have it
  • It seems that the total number of cards is 195 (not 199) and the following cards do not exist: Albrich (2 of 2), Clear Weather (3 of 3), Torrential Rain (3 of 3) and Ballista (2 of 2), until proved otherwise I will remove these cards from the list is brought to you by lovemystats websites. is committed to providing interactive dashboards to all sports and video game fans.
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