Archived Notes

External Resources:

If you wish to have an excel version of the (old) list to print out (Note: Does not include DLC Cards or patch changes), you can download this excel spreadsheet. Thanks to defdyer1985 for putting this together.

Card images: You can click on a row and click on the blue link to see an image of the card (Does note include DLC cards).

If you would like printable sheets to make your own deck you can find them here: Printable Sheets on Reddit

*UPDATE PATCH 1.08* Patch is out and we can confirm that it has fixed the Collect 'Em All and Card Collector Achievement that was broken by patch 1.07. We have not tested the other fixes which can be found on the release notes here.

If you prefer the original dashboard you can still find it here: find it here...

We also created a armor dashboard (Note: original items only, not updated) for Armor, Weapons and Upgrades at

Notes on Finding Cards